Unbroken – Teen Review

Teen Book Review

Teen review of Unbroken by Laura Hellenbrand.

Image result for UnbrokenAlthough Louis Zamperini was a successful Olympic athlete, and later a great Airforce soldier, he had done terrible things in his childhood such as breaking into houses and stealing.  However, he soon discovered his talent of running which had carried him to the Berlin Olympics.  When the war begins he joined the air force, but on one flight his plane went down and only three people survived.  All they could see was thousands of miles of open ocean they had limited food and water.  They will have to find a way to survive and wait for rescue.  After days of starring and struggling one of the three died, Would Lois survive?  What else would be waiting for him?

The book contains detailed description of what’s going on.  It sometimes feels like you are seeing the scene in front of your eyes when you are reading.  People that are interested in World War II would love this book, people that like books about survival would find this book interesting.

~Sheng, 8th grade

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