Soldier Boys – Teen Review

Teen review of Soldier Boys by Dean Hughes. Dieter Hedrick, age ten and a member of the Jungvolk and Spencer Morgan, age fifteen, a regular boy who lives in Utah with his family are on opposite sides of the war, but lean they have more similarities than differences. Dieter grew up on Germany, indoctrinated into […]

Unbroken – Teen Review

Teen review of Unbroken by Laura Hellenbrand. Although Louis Zamperini was a successful Olympic athlete, and later a great Airforce soldier, he had done terrible things in his childhood such as breaking into houses and stealing.  However, he soon discovered his talent of running which had carried him to the Berlin Olympics.  When the war […]

A Night Divided – Teacher Review

A Night Divided by Jennifer A. Nielsen (2017 Oregon Battle of the Books) I love historical fiction and read it quite often in both teen literature and regular fiction. Sooo, it can sometimes be hard to find a book with a fresh take and engaging story. A Night Divided proved to be that book for me. It is […]

Prisoner B-3087 – Teen Review

Student review of Prisoner B-3087 by Alan Gratz Yanek is just an ordinary 12 year old boy who enjoys reading and Western films, but his life was about to change.  Yanek is a Jew and he is about to face his worst nightmare. The Nazis are coming and taking Jews to concentration camps or placing […]