Ready, Set, Recharge! – Take Some Time For Yourself

That’s a wrap!  Another school year has ended and vacation has begun. Time to kick back, relax and take some time for yourself.  You know the saying “happy wife, happy life”? Well, same goes for the classroom “happy teacher, happy class”!  I know it is tempting to jump right in and start planning for next year […]

Teacher Reflections – Did We Reach The Goal?

Many of us have just ended the school year or are nearing the end of the year. Time to start thinking about summer fun in the sun, vacation and spending time with family.  But, if you are like most effective teachers, you are also thinking about your school year and wondering what you could have […]

Why Do We Need To Make Thinking Visible?

When you ask questions in class, do you already have an answer in mind?  I loved the phrase in chapter 2 of “guess what’s in the teacher’s head”, it made me chuckle out loud.  As someone who has observed many lessons in a variety of subjects, it is easy to spot a teacher that has […]

Reflective Students in 5 Easy Steps

Do you ever ask your students to reflect on their learning?  If someone was to ask your students, “how do you learn?” would they really know how they learn best? A few years ago, I worked at a charter school where student reflection was part of the school culture.  Students understood how to assess their […]

Is Thinking Visible in your Classroom?

Right from page one, the authors of Making Thinking Visible challenge what we know about thinking in our classrooms.  When posed with the question, “What kinds of thinking do you value and promote in your classroom?” I admit I was a bit stumped.  I immediately thought of questioning. The idea to question students to get […]