10 Ways to Add Holiday Joy to Your Class

I know without question that I’m a secondary teacher. I’ve taught high school for years and love my current middle schoolers, but when November and December roll around, I often think how fun it would be to be able to celebrate holidays in class.  My former roommate was a first-grade teacher so I’m not blind […]

Positive Attitude Eases the Stress of the Season

Are you setting up your class for a fun, positive holiday season or setting yourself up for a stressful few months?  As we enter the busyness of November and December, it can be a trying time for both teachers and students, but staying positive through the craziness of holidays and parent teacher conferences is key […]

Ease the Stress of State Testing

State testing Season has arrived! Monday it begins ~ the test many students (and teachers) dread all year and many stress out about. It shouldn’t be this way. Why is there so much time, attention and resources given to a test? We participate in professional development all year that reminds us that good teaching includes […]