Soldier Boys – Teen Review

Soldier Boys – Teen Review

Teen review of Soldier Boys by Dean Hughes.

Dieter Hedrick, age ten and a member of the Jungvolk and Spencer Morgan, age fifteen, a regular boy who lives in Utah with his family are on opposite sides of the war, but lean they have more similarities than differences.

Dieter grew up on Germany, indoctrinated into the ways of Hitler.  He became part of Hitler’s youth movement and could hardly wait to officially join the military.

Spencer’s older brother who is nineteen decides to join the navy so Spence decided to drop out of high school and join the military as a paratrooper to show his friends and family can be someone, but first he must convince his father to sign the parental permission for him to join the military as a fifteen year old.

Both boys were in a rush to join the fight because they were worried the war would end too soon for them to have a chance to prove themselves to their friends, family and country.  What will they discover once they are in the middle of the fighting?  Will it be what they imagined?  What will they learn about the ”enemy”?

If you are interested in war books, you will enjoy this book.  It is filled with suspense, action and violence. I read this book on a recommendation of by my teacher and I loved it.  This book is the first in a series and I ended up reading all of them.

~Carson, 8th grade

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