The Selection – Teen Review

A teen review of The Selection by Kiera Cass.

“This isn’t happily ever after. It’s so much more than that.” The significance of this quote is explaining that even though you are in love, that isn’t the ending. There is more parts and pieces to that relationship than being together. It’s like saying I only love you because I’m with you. There are emotions, similar personalities, fighting, doing things together and not being alone.

The Selection is a mix of romance, dystopia, and fiction. America Singer is part of a competition with 35 other girls. America has been chosen to spend some time with prince Maxon Schreave, she has to compete with these girls to win his heart. If America does become Princess (soon to be queen) she will live a life of happiness. In the castle with the BIG shiny furniture, glittering gowns, thoughtful jewelry, and Maxon’s love for her. But that will only happen if she does win. What if she doesn’t?

I chose The Selection book because it can never be forgotten in my brain. The selection has very good descriptive words. I makes you go into a world of deep thoughts and fantasies. I really liked this book. I would gladly recommend this series of books to people who like Fantasy, Drama, and a lot of Humor. Age group wise I would recommend this to 12 years and older.

~Amber, 7th grade

For more information on The Selection series, click here.

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