A Night Divided – Teacher Review

A Night Divided – Teacher Review

A Night Divided by Jennifer A. Nielsen

A Night Divided by Jennifer A. Nielsen
(2017 Oregon Battle of the Books)

I love historical fiction and read it quite often in both teen literature and regular fiction. Sooo, it can sometimes be hard to find a book with a fresh take and engaging story. A Night Divided proved to be that book for me. It is an original story about a family divided by the Berlin Wall.

The book opens the night the wall went up, Gerta and her family’s lives were forever changed. While they didn’t know the full impact the wall would have on their lives, they knew the wall would keep them apart. Gerta and her brother miss the old days. They devise a plan to reunite the family, but the danger is enormous. In order to see their plan carried out, they will need help from an unlikely source.

A Night Divided was a great read and a book I’ve added to my book club list for 8th grade. Students will enjoy the story and learn about history in the process. I would highly recommend this book to students who love realistic or historical fiction.

Happy Reading!

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