Monument 14 – Teen Review

Monument 14 – Teen Review

Teen review of Monument 14 by Emmy Laybourne.

In Monument 14, Emmy Laybourne writes an amazing novel about ordinary kids in the future who are forced to survive after toxic gases and natural gases are released in the air.  After their bus driver crashes into a superstore (kind of like a Walmart), 14 kids ranging from little kids in first grade to seniors make the best of their little world inside a huge disaster.

This book starts our in Monument, Colorado, which is a suburban town where many families live.  Life is normal until it turns into a catastrophe.  They have to deal with the deadly affects of the gases and strangers who try to take advantage of their supplies.  Problem after problem arise and life is never the same for them.

Monument 14 is for anyone looking for an action filled novel full of surprises and suspense.  Some content is not appropriate for kids not in their teens.  I really loved this book and the rest of the series.  For people like me, who read quickly, need a good series that is not too long, Monument 14 is for you!

~ Sarai, 8th grade girl

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