The Maze Runner – Teen Review

The Maze Runner – Teen Review

A teen review of The Maze Runner by James Dashner

“He began his new life standing up, surrounded by cold darkness and stale, dusty air.”

The Maze Runner is a very detailed, fast paced, and intriguing book. Thomas finds himself in the “Maze” with a large group of boys and no other memories of his past life. The Maze is a mysterious, large maze with moving walls and terrible creatures called Grievers. After two years, the Maze has never been solved. At first Thomas does not understand why, but after his first run in the Maze, he understands why. Shortly after Thomas arrives in the Maze, a new person arrives. But not just anyone. The last person. Will Thomas and the others solve the Maze before time runs out?

The Maze Runner is a very detailed and well written book, and I recommend The Maze Runner to those who enjoy reading dystopian, fast paced books. If you are a fan of James Dashner’s other books, you’ll want to read The Maze Runner.

~Isaiah, 7th grade

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