Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer

Book Review of Lunar Chronicles
The entire series.

I was introduced to this series during a reading conference with one of my 8th graders about 3 years ago.  As she described Cinder, I was fascinated by this fairy tale retelling turned science fiction.  Marissa Meyer did an excellent job of bringing fresh life to Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel, Snow White and even the Evil Queen.  I was captivated right from the first book and read through the first three book rather quickly.  I was supper disappointed to have to wait almost a year until Winter came out, but Marissa didn’t leave her readers hanging, she graced us with Fairest, the story of Queen Levana (the evil Queen).

A dress made from the pages of a book.

I became so intrigued with this series that when Winter came out in November of 2015, my adult niece and I attended the Lunar Ball in Tacoma, Washington.  Such an awesome experience to see so many kids excited about a book.  While there were many activities for people to participate in, it warmed my heart to see teens and tweens making the choice to sit down and read, not because they had to, but because they wanted to!   I had a second opportunity to meet Marissa Meyer when she came to my hometown to promote the release of Stars Above.  I love sharing my pictures and sharing my autographed copies of the books with my students.

Happy Reading!


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