Girls Don’t Fly – Teen Review

Girls Don’t Fly – Teen Review

Teen review of Girls Don’t Fly by Kristen Chandler

“Home Range: Where specific birds hang out, not their whole species”  Birds can fly but girls definitely can’t. Myra the seventeen year old star of this book is stuck in a whirlpool of drama, romance, and never ending choices to make.

Caught in a rivalry between her and her ex-boyfriend for a spot in a over summer prep school. Having to raise enough money to support her family and herself, while also battling confusing feelings for a certain someone Myra has a lot on her plate. To other people Myra is “perfect” described as a doormat and the “princess”, but when she starts breaking all of their rules and expectations everyone is shocked to see the confident woman she has become.

I loved this book. It’s a nice fun read and the author perfectly displayed the change of character in Myra. For any Kristen Chandler fans you will want to read this book. Honestly I put this book in my top three list. I recommend you read it.

~Mia, 7th grade

For more information about author Kristen Chandler, click here.

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