Welcome to the Middle School Cafe!  Why have I called my site a cafe?  Well, if you know me as well as my students do, you’ll understand one very important thing about me – I LOVE coffee!  I call it froo-froo coffee (mocha’s, latte’s, skinny, nonfat, extra shot, well you get the picture), the fancier the better.  Unlike many who visit the coffee house, I don’t have just one specialty drink I order, I like many types of coffee.  The ladies at my local coffee shop know me by name, but always have to ask what my drink is because I change it so often! I think the only coffee I don’t like is plain black.  That is what inspired me to come up with the name.  My classes are anything but “plain black coffee”.  My classroom  is like a cafe filled with many types of activities that students love and are inspired to learn.

In my 20+ years of teaching, I’ve had the opportunity to teach many classes mostly in Language Arts and Social Studies, but other’s as well.  I love talking about teaching and sharing ideas.  The best teachers understand that in order to keep things fresh (and fun) you have to connect with other teachers and share ideas.  I hope this site will help both middle school and high school teachers connect and explore new ideas.

Welcome to the Middle School Cafe…may I take your order?